Established Sectors


Sector Sub-Sector
Coastal Tourism Accommodation Transport Other expenditures.Ferry Services, Restaurants,Scuba diving and Marine Adventure Tourism
Marine Living Resources Extraction and commercialization of marine living resources etc Capture Fisheries Aquaculture Sector Processing and Distribution
Marine Non-Living Resources Marine Extraction of Minerals, Oil and Gas etc Extraction of Crude Petroleum Extraction of Natural Gas Extraction of Marine Aggregates Support activities for petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction Support activities for other Mining
Port Activities Ports, warehousing and construction of water project etc Warehousing and Storage Handling Construction of Water Projects. Service Activities Incidental to Water Transportation
Shipbuilding and Repair Building of Ships and Floating Structure Building of Pleasures and Sporting Boats Marine Machinery Marine Equipment Repair and Maintenance of Ships and Boats / Shows
Maritime Transport Multimodal Transport, Tugs, Cranes. Forklifts (Port services), salvage & search & rescue including all types of vessels Sea and coastal passenger water transport Sea and coastal freight water Transport, Inland freight water transport Renting and leasing of water transport equipment, oil spill